Telescoping Flagpole HD Heavy Duty 25 Foot Bronze


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Introducing our Telescoping Flagpole HD (Heavy Duty). The pole is 5 sections. The HD pole comes fully assembled with 4 moving sections. The anodized aluminum sections lock into place with our heavy duty stainless steel pin. The pin is visible so you know the pole is locked into place. The base of this pole is 3.00″ with a heavy duty wall thickness. It features heavy duty harness rings that are free floating to accommodate various sizes of flags. It can fly two flags at once or one flag at half staff. The diameter of the pole, the gauge and thickness of the aluminum make it the strongest telescoping flag pole in the industry. There is a 10 year warrantee against manufacturers defects. All HD poles come with a 4×6 US nylon flag. The US flag is constructed with 1/4 inch seams and x-boxing on the fly hems to help prevent wear and tear. The flag is solar max treated for ultra violet rays and the threads are color matched to give you the best looking flag on the block. Poles and flags are MADE IN AMERICA!




Each HD series flagpole comes with the following:

3 inch Gold Aluminum Ball Ornament, to dress the top of your flagpole,

A Double Flag Harness to fly two flags or fly a flag at half mast.

4′ x 6′ Nylon USA Flag with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes

3 inch Installation Sleeve with complete instructions.

Includes Metal Rings


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