Flagpole Repairs

We will do whatever we can to get your flagpole working and your Flag flying Proudly Again!

We can help you with the following repairs:

  • Replace a cut/broken halyard (rope) which has come off your flagpole.
  • Replace a worn halyard (rope) before it breaks.
  • Replace broken Trucks (mechanism at the top of your flagpole which allows you to higher & lower your flag.
  • Replace or upgrade your topper.
  • Replace or repair internal flagpole components.
  • Straighten out flagpoles which have tilted to one side!
  • Move Flagpoles from one location to another.

We have a very large A-Frame ladder for smaller flagpoles, and we have a bucket truck for flagpoles 25′ & higher!


Flagpole Restoration

  • We restore Steel Flagpoles that have rusted.  Depending on the condition, we can sand, apply a bonding agent and paint.
  • We can clean Fiberglass Flagpoles that have lost their shine or Aluminum Flagpoles that have oxidized.
  • We also restore Wood Flagpoles.  Depending on the condition, we can sand and apply marine grade paint.
  • We can determine if any of your flagpole parts need to be replaced.